New colouring sheets help children with Covid vaccines

Friday 8th April 2022

Children across Cambridgeshire and Norfolk NHS Trusts are being helped through their Covid vaccines by two new colouring sheets devised by Quentin Blake.  At the request of Dr Peter Rowan, who is acting as a volunteer vaccinator, Quentin drew the two images: one showing both him and Peter 'who is also good at vaccinating people', and the other showing Quentin himself getting a Covid jab. 

Captioned 'This is me, Quentin Blake - I got vaccinated straight away and now I'm unstoppable' it has been reproduced as a colouring-in sheet to help under-11s find the process of coming for a vaccine less frightening.  Cambridgeshire Community NHS Trust has come up with a number of initiatives to make the experience better for young children, including a doctor dressed up as "Julian the jabbing lion", copies of the Quentin Blake drawing to colour in, games to play, and a cartoon video intended for children to watch before having their vaccinations.

The second illustration, which features both Quentin and Dr Rowan, was drawn in the front of a copy of 'Ask Doctor Pete', the children's book written by GP Peter Rowan in 1986 and illustrated by Quentin, offering interesting medical facts and answering questions that children ask such as: Does eating bread crusts make your hair curl? and ‘My Mum and Dad always make me wash my hands after going to the toilet. Is this a waste of time?’  The book has also subsequently been published under the title, 'Can You Get Warts From Touching Toads?'

Both original drawings have been offered to the East Anglian Air Ambulance service to help raise funds for their life-saving work, and plans are currently in progress to arrange the auction of the two pieces.