Many of the most frequently asked questions are already answered on this website, on the 'Questions and Answers' and 'Studio Tour' pages, so please make sure you've read them before writing to us. 
Please also be aware that:

• Quentin will not send out autographs, or sign unsolicited items, books or artwork. If any such items are received, they will be returned unsigned or destroyed. This is due to the unacceptable rise of the number of items placed for sale online, instead of being used for their requested purpose.

• Quentin doesn't undertake private commissions (to draw a picture of your family, for example)

• Interviews are usually arranged by his publishers or agents for specific publicity purposes

• Quentin already gives his support to a number of charities and, regrettably, cannot support any others.

You can connect with Quentin's HQ via Facebook:

This is the best route if you have something you would like to share with Quentin or his fans. Please feel free to post your comments via Quentin’s official Facebook page - Contact image
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